Keizer Karel tournament 2018

Last Sunday Don Quichote organized the 1st Keizer Karel tournament in hall 1 of the Radboud sports center. With the help of Leon Paul Germany we organized a nice tournament.

Hall set-up

On Saturday evening at half past six, Leon Paul Germany reached the sports center in a lorry with 12 pistes. After opening the gate Jan, Danny, Sam, Nienke, David, Rieke and Lucas set up the hall for the tournament in about one and a half hours. That looks something like this.


On Sunday morning we were already at the sports center to open the hall and start the competition. Unfortunately, we experienced some delays due to unforeseen problems with the registrations, as a result of which the referee briefing started later than expected. The poules in men’s epee started about fifteen minutes later than planned, due to these delays. Unfortunately, this delay carried through to the other weapons.

We had received 98 registrations in advance via the Nahouw and by e-mail and eventually there were 92 fencers who participated in the Keizer Karel Tournament. The competition was fierce on all weapons and the tournament went smoothly thanks to the help of our referees. As a result, we were able to have the prize ceremonies a little after four and the tournament was finished ahead of schedule. All winners are in the photographs and the photos of the entire competitions can be found here. A big thank you to all participants and referees for your presence and help. We hope to see you all next year.

Complete results:

Podium men’s epee with from left to right. 2nd place: Christian Jelders, 1st place: Thom Schanzleh, 3rd place: Edwin Treffers and René Lafleur.

Podium women’s epee with from left to right 2nd place: Ynet van der Veen, 1st place: Marlies Terzopoulos, 3rd place: Malika Kerskens and Emma Enderman.

Podium men’s foil with from left to right 2nd place: Cyprien Guerrin, 1st place: Matthijs Rohlfs, 3rd place: Teun Jans Köhneke and Martijn de Haas.

Podium women’s foil with from left to right 2nd place: Mieke de Graaf-Stoel, 1st place: Maria Jans Köhneke, 3rd plaats: Nadine Coorens and Ashley Ophorst.

Podium men’s sabre with from left to right 2nd place: Dirk-Jan Bouwman, 1st place: Robbert Goossens, 3rd plaats: Béla Roessink and Nico Speelman.

Podium women’s sabre with from left to right 2nd place: Laura Talbot, 1st place: Karen Fischer, 3rd place: Nihad and Mandy Claesens.