As a member of Don Quichote, you can participate in our activities, arranged by our enthusiastic activity committee. They have organized laser gaming, an evening of pooling, a pubquiz, potluck-dinners, a BBQ, and of course the Wacky Weekend. In between those activities, we also go out for drinks regularly.

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Previous activities

Open training in February
Ready to try out fencing? Click here!
Black light fencing at the NSSR Sportsnight 2019
Enlightened weapons? Epic battle music? Check!
Don Quichote at the Sports gala
Nico was awarded the title Volunteer of the Year!
Exchanging presents with a dice. Sounds like fun!
NSSR Sports Gala
The NSSR sports gala will be held at December 10th. Don't forget to vote ánd to buy your ticket!
Introweek 2018
The intromarket, sports days and the BeestFeest: Don Quichote was part of it all!
Wacky Weekend 2018
Summer is here and it's the end of the fencing season. Time for our Wacky Weekend!