Welcome to NSSV Don Quichote

NSSV Don Quichote is a fun student fencing club from Nijmegen. At Don Quichote recreational members and active competition fencers meet for training on foil, sabre and epee, and to join in for the activities organised by the club.

Final exam fencing master course
After a 2 year course for fencing master level 3, Danny and Nico were allowed to take the exam this Saturday.
Team Nationals 2019
On the weekend of May 11 and 12 Don Quichote entered the Dutch Championships for teams in Apeldoorn.
Black light fencing at the NSSR Sportsnight 2019
Enlightened weapons? Epic battle music? Check!
11th International Delft Tegeltjestournament
Exciting times in Delft for individual and team events!
X-Systra in Paris
Success at one of Europe's largest student competitions!
Reflection cycle for fencing
Don Quichote at the Sports gala
Nico was awarded the title Volunteer of the Year!