Keizer Karel Tournament 2024

Dear Fencers, this years KKT was a big success! A big thanks to everyone who attended.

The first pictures are already released on our Instagram!

We will release the rest of the pictures soon on our website, so stay tuned!


Dear Fencers/future fencers, this year DQ will of course be present again at the introduction of the university!
Come along to encourage your club members, talk to new students and see if you like the sport yourself.
We are on the market in front of the Berchmanianum on the intro market on the 22nd, and can be found in multi hall 4 during the sports days!

See you there!

Update January

Dear Fencers,

welcome back! You have probably already the good news, but we can train again on our regular schedules at the RSC! On Mondays and Wednesdays from 21:00 to 23:00.
The courses are also back again, so we hope to see a lot new faces around in the coming weeks.
If the courses are currently full, make sure to check:
Or contact the board via:

We’re all looking forward to seeing you all again and doing some fun activities!
Furthermore, the third edition of the Keizer Karel Tournament might be organised on the 6th of February. More news on that will follow.

Also keep in mind the corona regulations of the RSC:

-you have to have a corona entry pass

-you have to keep on your mask, only during sports can be taken off

-and of course maintain 1.5m distance throughout the RSC

Furthermore we recommend everyone to do a self test before training.
If you do not have any self tests and if you are a student, you can order self tests here for free:
It is not mandatory though, we will only check your QR code, it is for your own safety and safety of others during training.

Also if you have corona and you went to training, please inform any of the board or trainers so we can inform people.


The Board

Nationals Men’s sabre 2021

Date: 28-11-2021

On the weekend of 27th and 28th of November on the Dutch team nationals, Don Quichote managed to delegate a team to the men’s sabre on Sunday the 28th. The tournament due to regulations was held with some more restrictions and moved an hour earlier to conform with the new lockdown.
This year the club was represented by Tim Vriens, Nico Speelman, Béla Roesink and Thomas Nijsen.

This year 8 teams participated, so elimination rounds were fenced. So every higher ranked team had to face off against a lower ranked team, before fencing the next round in which teams left would face each other again to determine the exact ranking.

In the first round, Don Quichote was up against TSV Rapier. There was a rough start in the beginning with a 0 – 5 score for Rapier. However the gap was finally closed at 30 – 29 by Nico against Ryan Waasdorp. After which Thomas turned this in a solid lead of 35 – 30. After which Belá and Nico finished off the bout ending a score of 45 – 33 win for Don Quichote.

In the semi-finals, Don Quichote was up against Scherm Centrum Amsterdam (SCA), in this fight SCA had the team in a bind, where not many points where scored. However there was a moment of liveliness when Thomas in a few moments of heat scored 6 points against Daniel Nivard. Don Quichote lost the bout eventually with a 45 – 22 against.

Lastly, Don Quichote fought the bronze medal match against Scaramouche. During this fight Don Quichote was on fire and eventually won with a 45 – 26 and brought home a beautiful bronze medal for the club!

In the final round for gold SCA was up against Surtout, which became a tough fight between titans! Where at one time SCA lead the fight and at the next Surtout. Eventually this fight had come to 38 – 40 for Surtout. Eventually in the next match between the fencers Daniel Nivard and Dirk-Jan Bouwman the fight was driven to a height with a score of 44 – 44. This match was eventually settled by Daniel with a 45 – 44 win for SCA.

So eventually Don Quichote was able to get a third place at this amazing tournament!

Keizer Karel Tournament 2020

In light of the recent developments with respect to the SARS-CoV-2 virus in The Netherlands, we have decided to cancel the Keizer Karel Tournament for 2020. The organization feels it cannot guarantee the safety of all involved and cannot organize the tournament, in a way that is expected from us. We hope that we can organize a nice competition next season.

Open training in February

Are you ready to try and experience what it feels like to fence? Soon you’ll get the chance!

On Monday the 3rd and Wednesday the 5th of February, together with the NSSR we organize open training hours. These are also open to non-RSC members. We start at 9 p.m. with a short warm-up, followed by a short explanation. Right after that, you’re ready to fence our members, till max. 11 p.m. You can try both sabre, foil or epee. Of course we will end the night as usual with some drinks at our sports cafe.

Due to the size of our fencing hall, we only have a few spots available per night. Would you like to join and do you have a RSC sports card? Please subscribe via the RSC app. If you do not have a sportscard, please subscribe via our contact form.

Are all spots taken? Don’t worry! You can still join for our fencing courses. If you are an experienced fencer, you’re more than welcome to join our regular training as well. Simply send us a message.

See you at training!

Keizer Karel Tournament 2019

On October 20th 2019 Don Quichote organizes the 2nd Keizer Karel tournament at the Radboud Sports center in Nijmegen. This tournament is a competition for the Dutch ranking. The invitation can be found here.


Final exam fencing master course

Our trainers Danny and Nico have been participating in the fencing master course for a level 3 certification for almost two years now. After two years of hard work, the exam was held on Saturday June 29th for both. The exam started early at 9:00 am with a one-hour long theoretical exam about the rules and the terminology within fencing. After that, Danny and Nico had to wait almost 6 hours to be the last two participants to take the practical exam. This practical exam consisted of giving a 20-minute lesson to one of their own students. During this lesson the examination committee assessed them. In this case Béla participated as a student for the individual lessons of Danny and Nico.


Team Nationals 2019

On the weekend of May 11 and 12 Don Quichote entered the Dutch Championships for teams in Apeldoorn. This year our club managed to delegate teams in the categories men’s sabre on Saturday and men’s epee on Sunday.

Men’s sabre

In the men’s sabre event on Saturday Don Quichote was represented by Béla, Tim and two of our coaches, Danny and Nico. Because only five teams participated, a single pool was fenced. That meant that the team had to fence against all other teams to determine who would claim the Dutch title. First our team had to compete against the team of Delft Fencing Club, with former Dutch champion Teun Plantinga in the ranks. After a few exciting bouts, at the start of the 7th game the score is 35-34 for the team from Delft. With a score of 6-1, Nico managed to bend the score to 40-36 in favor of Don Quichote and Béla could finish the game. He did this with 5-0 and our team eventually wins with 45-36.

The second match was against ASSV Esprit, the student fencing club from Amsterdam. The Nijmegen team started the match well and immediately build up a 10-5 lead after the first two matches. The size of the lead fluctuated a bit, but the lead itself was never really at stake. With a lead of 40-33, Béla finished the match with 5-1 to a 45-34 win. After this match our team had a break.

After the break a match against the reigning Dutch champion from Apeldoorn, Surtout, was up. The team from Apeldoorn was aggravated by an earlier loss against Schermcentrum Amsterdam and it showed. The Apeldoorn teamstarted ferociously and took a 15-3 lead after the first 3 bouts. In the second part, Don Quichote managed to get into the game a bit more through a 5-5 for Nico against the strong-fencing Dirk-Jan Bouwman, but the real fireworks came from Béla, who managed to make 14-5 against the always tricky Mike Goedhart. With this our team entered the third part with a 30-23 deficit. Unfortunately our team was unable to keep the strong game going and in the last part the difference in strength became clear. Don Quichote lost this match with 45-27.

Final bout in the match between Don Quichote and Schermcentrum Amsterdam (© S.V. Surtout)

The last match was against the team of Schermcentrum Amsterdam, who had already beaten Surtout. Due to the progress of all matches so far, with Don Quichote winning, the home team would still be Dutch champion and our team had a (small) chance of a second place. This first fact got the crowd behind Don Quichote and the second fact made our team go in guns blazing and after the first part of the match it was 15-14 at our disadvantage. Tim seemed to rise above himself and managed to make four hits against the strong Hungarian Miklos Farkas. Nico, however, could have provided the lead in the following bout, but he was unable to achieve this. Good work from Béla kept the damage limited and Don Quichote trailed 30-27 at the end of the second part. Nico was not fencing at its strongest in the 8th match, which meant that Béla was faced with the difficult task of making up for a 40-32 deficit in the last match. This assignment turned out to be too hard and after a good 6-5 by Béla, Don Quichote had lost 45-38. Don Quichote ended up in 3rd place.

Podium men’s sabre, with from left to right Don Quichote (3rd place), Schermcentrum Amsterdam (1st place) en Surtout (2nd place) (© Ashley Ophorst)

Men’s epee

On Sunday Don Quichote participated with Laurens, René and Gijs in the men’s epee event and because 15 teams participated, they fenced a table of 16. Because our team was placed tenth, the first match was against AEW, who where placed seventh. It was an exciting match from the start and at the end of the second part our team was 28-23 behind. This was straightened out by Gijs in the 7th match with a 12-5 to a 35-33 lead. René then had a hard time with Edwin Treffers, which resulted in our team being down 38-36 before the start of the final bout. In the final bout Laurens could not get a grip on his opponent and the match was eventually lost with 45-38, so Don Quichote had to compete for places 9-15.

In this part of the tournament our team met De Drie Musketiers for a Nijmegen derby. After a strong start our team was in a good 15-9 lead after the first part. In the second part, Gijs, Laurens and René managed to expand this to a 30-15 lead and this lead never came under serious attack in the final three bouts. Eventually the match was won with 45-31.

After this win Fencing Club Almere was the opponent for the match for places 9-12. This difficult opponent turned it into an exciting match, with a lead of 15-13 built up by our team in the first part. In the second part, Christian Jelders in particular turned out to present a problem for the fencers of Don Quichote and it was 30-26 for the club from Almere after the second part. At the start of the last bout, the score stood at 40-35 for Almere. Laurens tried to wrest control of the game back into our favor and did very well against Christian Jelders, but he was undone by a late discoveryof a broken point. The game was eventually lost with 45-42. For the 11th place Don Quichote had to take on De Vrijbuiters from Gouda. In this match, none of our fencers really managed to get a grip on the opponent and it was lost 45-29. Don Quichote ended up in a 12th place.

The hall during the men’s epee tournament. The Don Quichote team is seated at the back of the hall (© S.V. Surtout).

Black light fencing at the NSSR Sportsnight 2019

On Wednesday March 27, we exchanged our normal training hours for a very special evening: the NSSR Sportsnight 2019. In short: 10 sports, in black light, till 2 in the morning. We thought this was a perfect opportunity to deliver something cool. Hence, we used excessive amounts of glow sticks and glow in the dark-tape on the salle, weapons, masks and ourselves. It also involved some epic battle music.

Preparing the salle with glow in the dark-tape on the floor, walls, doors and any other stickable stuff.

And the result was quite nice! We gave a total of 6 workshops to multiple very enthusiastic teams. Battles were fought and all people were very eager to get some points. So, let’s do this again next year!
And oh well, scraping all the tape off the weapons and walls was definitely worth it – even though it took us nearly an hour. Thanks to our members for helping out during the night!

Below a selection of photos made during the evening (night). Photos made by Rieke Bande and Rein Wieringa (SFV De Cycloop). Many thanks!
In case you’re on a picture and you would like it removed, simply use the contact form.

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