Introweek 2018

Every summer holiday, the introweek is the most discussed event among students. It’s the ultimate introduction to Nijmegen, the student life and various student associations. But there’s also sport clubs involved, Don Quichote being one of them.

Our stand on the intromarket, with our volunteers Abe, Mark, Nienke and Pieter

Luckily, the weather for the intromarket was very sunny. Armed (pun intended) with foam weapons and material we left for Park Brakkenstein. We couldn’t beat the popularity of the COOP (free food!), but a lot of people were interested in fencing. Awesome! There were some great duels with our foam weapons, and many students wanted to join the next A course.

Our member Pieter gave a warm welcome to one of the students during the intromarket

We were also part of the sport days of both the HAN and RU, along with other sport clubs. It was hot outside, so upon entering our cold salle, students often said ‘wow, it’s very cold in here!’. They soon figured out why. From every group, 10 people participated and fenced a bout on foil. This turned out to be a lot more difficult and intensive than previously thought. The students all did very well and were very enthusiastic, despite some hangovers.

Béla and Nico during the fencing demo on BeestFeest. Picture by Olympus.

To end the introweek well, our sabreurs Béla and Nico gave a sabre demonstration on the BeestFeest, supported by our members. Wondering what it looked like? Check the video!

Did you put yourself on our mailing list during the introweek? Then you should have received the mail by now. Did you not receive one? Please contact us via the contact form. We hope to see you during training!