Update January

Dear Fencers,

welcome back! You have probably already the good news, but we can train again on our regular schedules at the RSC! On Mondays and Wednesdays from 21:00 to 23:00.
The courses are also back again, so we hope to see a lot new faces around in the coming weeks.
If the courses are currently full, make sure to check: https://publiek.usc.ru.nl/info/?browser=on&lang=en&menu=verberg&mode=activiteit&naam=Schermen&standaard=&type=aanbod
Or contact the board via: https://nssv-donquichote.nl/contact/

We’re all looking forward to seeing you all again and doing some fun activities!
Furthermore, the third edition of the Keizer Karel Tournament might be organised on the 6th of February. More news on that will follow.

Also keep in mind the corona regulations of the RSC:

-you have to have a corona entry pass

-you have to keep on your mask, only during sports can be taken off

-and of course maintain 1.5m distance throughout the RSC

Furthermore we recommend everyone to do a self test before training.
If you do not have any self tests and if you are a student, you can order self tests here for free: https://www.zelftestonderwijs.nl/
It is not mandatory though, we will only check your QR code, it is for your own safety and safety of others during training.

Also if you have corona and you went to training, please inform any of the board or trainers so we can inform people.


The Board

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