Final exam fencing master course

Our trainers Danny and Nico have been participating in the fencing master course for a level 3 certification for almost two years now. After two years of hard work, the exam was held on Saturday June 29th for both. The exam started early at 9:00 am with a one-hour long theoretical exam about the rules and the terminology within fencing. After that, Danny and Nico had to wait almost 6 hours to be the last two participants to take the practical exam. This practical exam consisted of giving a 20-minute lesson to one of their own students. During this lesson the examination committee assessed them. In this case Béla participated as a student for the individual lessons of Danny and Nico.

After the theoretical exam, Danny and Nico had the feeling that they had done well enough to pass and they both felt very comfortable with the lesson they had shown to the examination committee. Unfortunately Danny and Nico now had to wait a few days for the official result of the exam, mainly because the theoretical exam also had to be checked. Last night they were both told that they had passed both the theoretical and the practical exam very successfully. Don Quichote now has four fully qualified fencing masters! Congratulations on obtaining your diplomas!

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