Fencing and social media

In this blog I will show which social media outlets and old fashioned web sites I follow to keep mup with developments are taking place in modern fencing. Most of these media are related to sabre fencing, but I also follow a few that are more generally related to fencing. […]

Beer tasting/get together

Friday 16th November – 20:00 – De Hemel, Nijmegen […]

The Tactical Wheel

The Tactical Wheel

During last week’s practice I discussed a basic tactical model to analyze your opponent and build a game plan in foil fencing. However, the Tactical Wheel applies to all weapons and is really helpful to beginners to get a deeper understanding of the game. In fencing, like in chess, you can only really start to appreciate the depth and fun of the game once you get a basic understanding of moves and counter moves. In this blog I offer a more detailed explanation of the Tactical Wheel. […]

Keizer Karel tournament 2018

Last Sunday Don Quichote organized the 1st Keizer Karel tournament in hall 1 of the Radboud sports center. With the help of Leon Paul Germany we organized a nice tournament.

Hall set-up

On Saturday evening at half past six, Leon Paul Germany reached the sports center in a lorry with 12 pistes. After opening the gate Jan, Danny, Sam, Nienke, David, Rieke and Lucas set up the hall for the tournament in about one and a half hours. That looks something like this.


Koning Willem II tournament

Laurens in his bout against Buzatti

Sunday September 16th the 31th Koning Willem II tournament was fenced in Tilburg. This tournament has been one of the first tournaments of the season for years and is always well attended, also by our southern neighbors. Because a B-poule is also fenced, the tournament is freely accessible to all levels and each participant has a lot of fencing. Mark, René and Laurens traveled to Tilburg on behalf of Don Quichote. […]

Keizer Karel tournament 2018

On October 14th 2018 Don Quichote organizes the 1st Keizer Karel tournament at the Radboud Sports center in Nijmegen. This tournament is a competition for the Dutch ranking. The invitation can be found here. […]


Béla and Nico warming-up for the tournament (© Kukk Helga Melinda)

Nico and Béla were active on Sunday September 9th at the strong, international SISTA SFZ tournament in Amsterdam. After a good start with a 5-0 victory over fellow Dutchman Bouwman, Nico was unfortunately unable to win any other bout in his strong poule. Béla was in a better poule and he won three bouts, among which was his bout against the strong Puerto Rican Santana. With one win and four losses Nico managed to rank 40th on the table. Béla ranked 23rd on the table with his three wins and two losses. […]

Are you getting the most out of your practice?

When we practice we hope to learn and improve (and beat our nemesis just for once). After all, if you keep improving and growing as a fencer, you can get joy out of our great sport for the rest of your life! However, we do not always practice with a clear focus and make the most out of the hours we spend on the piste. Here are some tips to change that. […]

Fitness training

In the two previous blogs (this one and this one) I have already shown how you can improve your power and stamina outside the fencing training. In this blog I will show how these routines can be combined to get to an optimal result. I would also like to show what Android apps I use to perform my exercises. […]

Leg day

Another important aspect of power training for fencers are the muscles in the legs. For this reason I will discuss additional training for the legs in this blog post. During the preparation for the coming season these exercises have been used, so everyone that participated will recognize parts of the training routine. […]