Don Quichote at the Sports gala

Before the holidays, we asked everyone to vote for Nico Speelman, one of our trainers. He was nominated for the title Volunteer of the Year, which would be revealed at the NSSR Sports gala. So off we went!

After posing for a group picture, it was time for revealing the titles. We are very proud to announce that Nico won the title! On our Facebook page you can find a video of the moment.

Nico and Rob Cuppen, who announced the winner. Photo by NSSR.

Don Quichote at the Sports gala. Photo by NSSR.

Besides that, as a small cherry on top, the board was told their board picture ended in the top 5. We are also very happy with that!

Photo by Nils van Rooijen.

Congratulations to all winners!