Nationals Men’s sabre 2021

Date: 28-11-2021

On the weekend of 27th and 28th of November on the Dutch team nationals, Don Quichote managed to delegate a team to the men’s sabre on Sunday the 28th. The tournament due to regulations was held with some more restrictions and moved an hour earlier to conform with the new lockdown.
This year the club was represented by Tim Vriens, Nico Speelman, Béla Roesink and Thomas Nijsen.

This year 8 teams participated, so elimination rounds were fenced. So every higher ranked team had to face off against a lower ranked team, before fencing the next round in which teams left would face each other again to determine the exact ranking.

In the first round, Don Quichote was up against TSV Rapier. There was a rough start in the beginning with a 0 – 5 score for Rapier. However the gap was finally closed at 30 – 29 by Nico against Ryan Waasdorp. After which Thomas turned this in a solid lead of 35 – 30. After which Belá and Nico finished off the bout ending a score of 45 – 33 win for Don Quichote.

In the semi-finals, Don Quichote was up against Scherm Centrum Amsterdam (SCA), in this fight SCA had the team in a bind, where not many points where scored. However there was a moment of liveliness when Thomas in a few moments of heat scored 6 points against Daniel Nivard. Don Quichote lost the bout eventually with a 45 – 22 against.

Lastly, Don Quichote fought the bronze medal match against Scaramouche. During this fight Don Quichote was on fire and eventually won with a 45 – 26 and brought home a beautiful bronze medal for the club!

In the final round for gold SCA was up against Surtout, which became a tough fight between titans! Where at one time SCA lead the fight and at the next Surtout. Eventually this fight had come to 38 – 40 for Surtout. Eventually in the next match between the fencers Daniel Nivard and Dirk-Jan Bouwman the fight was driven to a height with a score of 44 – 44. This match was eventually settled by Daniel with a 45 – 44 win for SCA.

So eventually Don Quichote was able to get a third place at this amazing tournament!

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