A few weeks ago, we had our beer tasting activity at the brewery De Hemel. This was quite a success, with a lot of enthusiastic members. Now, our activity committee has right away organized the next activity: Absinterkerst! This year, it will be held on December the 14th, so save the date. You’re welcome at 20:00.

Would you like to join us? Write your name on the list on the notice board, or mail the committee: activities@nssv-donquichote.nl. If you’re joining, please bring 2 presents with you. These gifts may have a value of max. €5, but may also be stuff you have at home and don’t use (anymore). As an example: last year, the pineapple with a sponge was very popular.

NB: Title is Absinth + Sinterklaas (Dutch tradition involving Black Piet, gifts, and chocolate letters) + Kerstmis (Christmas).